C.D.C. builds decoys utilizing standard taxidermy forms and techniques. Real animal hides and antlers are used to ensure they look alive to violators. Remote mechanisms are installed prior to mounting to create believable movements with minimal seams.

C.D.C. provides whitetail deer hides at no additional cost for orders that are placed prior to January 15 (subject to availability).

Alabama state law prohibits the sale of real antlers. For buck decoys, C.D.C. offers two alternatives:

  1. Purchaser provides antlers.
  2. Synthetic antlers can be ordered to fit most specifications.

Both real and synthetic antlers can be modified to allow them to be removed (instant doe decoy) or to be swapped for larger or smaller racks.

Byron Smith has been involved with law enforcement as an officer since 1976, and a conservation enforcement officer since 1983 through May 2001 when he retired. He began making whitetail deer decoys for use in the field in 1984. His decoys have been used by conservation enforcement officers throughout the United States, Ontario, as well as by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service and the United States Forest Service.