Life-size Whitetail Deer decoys
Standing or laying
small, medium or large $1,200.00
Mule Deer (includes hide)
medium $1,400.00
Life-size Elk
w/ remote head, antler pins, hide, 2ch radio $4,600.00
decoy only $750.00
Life-size Turkey decoys (Eastern)
Standing, base, head, 4ch radio $975.00
Strutting, base, head, 4ch radio $975.00
Life-size Black Bear decoys
Standing (must supply hide) w/ remote head *$1600.00


Available Options
Remote controlled moveable head with heavy duty servo and removable antler pins $300.00
Remote controlled moveable tail $95.00
Removable antler pins w/ artificial skull cap $40.00
Thompson water seal $15.00
Remote gobbler $80.00
Remote leg $150.00
Suggested Accessories (all radios are 2.4gHz)
4 Channel radio (includes Ni-cads and recharger) $225.00
2 Channel Stick or Pistol radio $110.00
Add'l Receiver & Battery $120.00
Padded pistol case (for radio, etc)
Plastic $35.00
Aluminum $80.00
Synthetic Antlers (set)
Regular $40.00
Trophy $80.00
Velvet $80.00

50% deposit is required on all orders before work begins except for government purchase orders. Balance is due upon delivery.

Radio Frequency Considerations
If you are currently working with remote controlled devices and plan to work your decoy concurrently with your other remotes, frequencies need to be coordinated. Please specify in Notes section. All radios offered are 2.4gHz models.

Antlers and Hides
Due to Alabama State Law, the buyer must provide antlers. Antlers must be received before work can begin on buck decoy orders. Antlers must be cut off skull plates or be sheds.

In order to ensure availability of deer hides, decoys should be ordered prior to January 15th. Orders taken after January 15th are on a first come, first serve basis.

Turkey decoys are all Eastern, others add $100.00.

*plus tanning costs